About Us

MakerFront LLC pushes the limits of technology to create 3D printers and products of the utmost quality with the strict ethical standards and a dedication to excellent products. We are committed to our customers and provide unparalleled business solutions with leading edge technology products, coupled with unmatched service, supplies and support.

Our mission is to revolutionize how the world develops ideas and help those ideas and dreams to become a solid reality. We believe that consistent, ethical, and high quality performance with our customers will result in loyal long-term relationships.

Our all steel construction ensures durability and dependability. We refuse to compromise on build quality. The response we hear back from the community assures us that we are on the right track and putting out a great product at a fair price point.

Mike Mayer

Chief Engineer/Co-Founder MakerFront LLC

Mike is what some would consider a professional hobbyist. After spending his younger years in Queens, NY, he moved to Albany, NY and started in the IT field. He is no stranger to business, starting quite a few local and web based businesses. Along the way, he picked up many hobbies, one of which piqued his interest, 3d printing.

Since he acquired his first 3d printer, he has been engineering and building better machines that are geared towards the most demanding of makers. He continually designs and prototypes machines that meet or exceed the performance specifications of the previous machines. Of course, there are bumps and bruises along the way which is what makes it so interesting for him.

In 2014, due to the lack of available hardware and parts in the local area, he and his wife, Tracy, decided to start a company. The purpose of this company was to supply their own engineering endeavors and those of the local makers in the area.

"I lend much of what I am today to my father, who is a great supporter of technology and has shown me everything I needed to know to become what I am today...a Maker!" Obligatory quote: "You can't fall on your back if you're always moving forward." - Mike Mayer

Michelle Viola Straight

Head of Marketing/Co-Owner of Makerfront LLC.

Michelle comes from a long line of makers! With more than two decades of operational and management experience, Michelle is an entrepreneur who quickly built her own successful 3d printing business.

Michelle was raised in Queens NY, and moved to Upstate NY to raise her family. She is an active member of many organizations, a classic car collector, and volunteers for local charities in need.

“I want to share my thoughts with the world about 3d Printing. Technology visionaries predict that life on Earth will soon radically change, and I want MakerFront to be part of that!”