Taulman n-vent CLEAR Filament 1.75mm (1lb)


Taulman n-vent is a great middle ground if you are looking for something between PLA and ABS. Made from the Eastman Amphora 3D polymer, n-vent has a low-odor and styrene-free formulation! Not only that, using n-vent guarantees zero warping, making it perfect for mechanical printing.

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Product Description

Taulman n-vent provides excellent strength, workability, and aesthetic appeal, while being a low-odor styrene-free material. N-vent’s heat resistance, low shrinkage and extremely high tensile strength make it the quintessential filament for printing beautiful desktop or prototype pieces. This material has great dimensional accuracy, layer adhesion, and prints with an attractive glossy finish. After printing you can post process by sanding or painting your print, making it more customizable.

Technical Specifications:

Printing Temperature: 250°C – 255°C

Print Speed: ABS speeds

Retraction: .25mm/.1mm nozzle or for a .5mm nozzle = 2.5mm

Print bed:     Hot- Glass heated to 70-80°C
Hot -Glass heated to 45°C with coat of PVA

Additional Information

Weight 2.1 lbs